Monday, June 6, 2011

Finally....Summer is HERE!

It has been a goal of mine for the past couple of months to start a blog. I want a place to upload new photos, share my new kitchen creations/recipes, and document my running and racing adventures! Since school is over and I finally have some free time I figured what better time to start my blog than now! I have offically moved home for the summer. My belongings have been loaded up, organized into rubbermaid containers, and stacked into my parents basement for safe keeping. I'm actually looking forward to moving back home for the summer. I'm excited to spend more time with my family and friends, live closer to my boyfriend, explore Madison, attempt to maintain a box garden, and spend lots of time being active outside! I've been done with school for the past three weeks or so and I've already been busy with work, weekend getaways, running, and baking :) I have also been enjoying the farmers market on Saturday mornings, relaxing at the Union Terrace, and reading books for enjoyment. As the weeks progress I hope to update this blog with new pictures, stories, and adventures!

Over Memorial Day Weekend I ran in the Madison Marathon. I ran the quarter marathon this year with one of my best friends. Gus helped me celebrate after I got home from the race!

My parents came downtown to cheer my on and see me finish! They have been so great in supporting me through all my races in the past year! :)

My mom found Sara and I at the starting line and snapped a picture before our race. It was so fun to have someone to run with! We both finished our 6.5 miles time 55:05! I was so happy with this time, considering I struggled to train consistently during finals and the end of the semester.

My family and I celebrated Jared's 21st Birthday at Capital Tap Haus up on the square. We had so much fun! After the Tap Haus we ventured to the Nitty Gritty to get Jared's free beer mug and meet up with friends.

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