Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fyr Bal Festival in Door County

This past weekend was Fyr Bal Festival in Ephraim, WI. Ephraim is a village that lies on the Door County Peninsula and has been a vacation place for myself and my family for many years.
Every summer Ephraim explodes with the excitement of Fyr Bal Festival. This past weekend was the first time I had attended the festival. The festival re-creates traditions of early Norwegians celebrating Midsummer’s Eve. Artists, food, and musical entertainment lined the shoreline of Ephraim Friday-Sunday. I drove up to Door County Friday night after work and met up with Cammie, Justin, and Cammie's parents. We arrived in Ephraim around 9:30 pm.....decided to check into our bed and breakfast and venture over to JJ's La Puerta in Sister's Bay for some chips, salsa, and margaritas (JJ's is always a must!).After a good nights rest we spent Saturday morning getting coffee and brunch, shopping, and attending the Fyr Bal Festivities. We checked out the used book sale, walked the shoreline, at some festival food, (fresh whitefish sandwiches and Wilson's ice cream!!) and listened to some local music. Later in the afternoon we visited the confectionery down the road to burn some time....yes adults can still have fun in a candy store!

It was around 5:00 that we ventured down the road to some family friends to cook up the long awaited Frogmore Stew. Considering the fact that I have lived with Cammie on and off for about 4 years and have attended many family functions with her, it is remarkable that I had not tried her dad's famous Frogmore Stew. Considering this was my first Frogmore Stew experience I decided that it was entirely necessary to document the full cooking process.

After dinner we cleaned up our tables, ate dessert, and ventured across the road to watch fireworks on the beach! The fireworks were awesome and the rain held off...overall the evening was a blast! We decided to end our evening once again at JJ's...JJ himself wandered over and said hello. Chips, Salsa, and Bearnies were a perfect wrap up for the evening.

I woke up early Sunday morning and pulled Cammie and Justin out of bed. We started off our morning with a 5k run, followed by a much needed breakfast burrito from Good Eggs. Good Eggs may possibly be the best little breakfast joint ever! If you ever have the chance to stay in Ephraim, I highly recommend checking out this place. You have the choice of 3 different types of burritos, made fresh and to your liking right in front of you.

The owner was bubbly and entertaining. We chatted as he made 8 burritos, all varying in ingredients. He totally topped off my dining experience by asking if I wanted to add Sriracha to my wrap. DELICIOUS!

Overall my experience at Good Eggs was very memorable and I will most definitely be venturing back in the near future.

Overall the weekend was a much needed getaway. I was able to enjoy a couple of laid back days with my friends, eat some good food, and take in the beautiful atmosphere Door County has to offer. I'm hoping to make it back up to Door County once more this time I'm hoping to include camping in the agenda!

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