Thursday, July 7, 2011

Boom Shocka Locka!

Fourth of July weekend was a complete success! I knew the weekend would be busy and jam packed, but between the four day weekend I was able to see both sides of the family, travel to Milwaukee, cook out and enjoy three firework shows! The festivities all began on Saturday afternoon. I kicked off my Saturday morning by walking up to the capital square with Kyler's mom and friends; we strolled the farmer's market and filled up on plenty of goodies along the way. When I got back home Jared and I went on a 5 mile walk around town before leaving for my cousin Lauren's graduation party. Lauren graduated from Sauk City High School in May, but decided to have an early summer party to celebrate her accomplishments.

I love getting together with the family. We celebrated over great food and cold beers; perfect for a sunny July afternoon! After the party my mom, dad, brother and I drove to the Madison Truax Air Base where we attended a Fourth of July festival held by Jared's work. We sat on the hillside of the base, watched the fighter jets Taxi off the runway and watched the Rhythm and Booms fireworks show.

I had such a great time with my family and met lots of Jared's co-workers. Between the fly over of the jets and the beautiful sunset the evening wrapped up on a very positive note!

Sunday morning I was up early packing and off to Milwaukee! Kyler and I met up with our friend's John and Allison for lunch early Sunday afternoon and spent the afternoon with them and little Elliot! Allison put Elliot down for a nap in the afternoon...before we knew it we all woke up from a much needed nap. Later that night Kyler and I met up with some more friends and classmates. We ventured down to Port of Call on the river and enjoyed some appetizers and drinks before our river boat cruise! Around 8pm we set sail down the Milwaukee River and anchored out in the bay to watch the fireworks.

The evening turned out to be goregous! We enjoyed a beautiful sunset and an hour worth of fireworks...I had so much fun visiting with some classmates from my cohort and many other friends. At the beginning of this summer I mentioned how nice it was to be in Madison and away from Milwaukee, but after returning to Milwaukee for the weekend I realized how much I love both cities. Each of the enviornments have so much to offer! Overall Milwaukee ended up being a really fun and enjoyable getaway!

As our weekend began to wrap up Kyler, Keaton, Mandy, Sean and I enjoyed brunch at Trocadero in Milwaukee. Despite some pretty terrible serivce we all enjoyed our morning together and left for Madison early afternoon. Before we knew it Kyler and I were driving up the Lodi to cookout with my dad's side of the family. My parents, brother, cousins, aunt and uncle arrived earlier in the day to help clean up the farm and do some lawn maintence. Luckily Kyler and I got out of doing lawn work! Instead we did some target shooting with my grandpa and rode the golf cart around the farm!

My grandpa used to be a rifle safety instructor so any opportunity he gets to target shoot with his grandkids he takes! We had so much fun...and as Kyler mentioned, "how much more patriotic can you get..shooting guns at beer cans on the fourth of july!?!" haha...after targeting shooting we feasted over freshly caught salmon and haddock, burgers, veggie salad, and baked beans on the patio.

We wrapped up our evening by attending the fireworks show in Monona. Kyler and I met Steph, Sara, and Nate down on the grounds. By the end of the evening we were exhausted and most definitely ready for bed! Overall the Fourth of July was a great success. I had so much fun seeing friends and family and just taking the opportunity to kick back and enjoy a weekend of summer fun!

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