Friday, July 29, 2011


Wednesday morning I woke up to thunderstorms and rain. As much as I enjoy waking up to clear skies and the sunrise, sometimes I like waking up to rain and clouds. I had all intentions of getting a run in before heading over to nanny, but decided to snooze my alarm and sleep the extra 45 minutes :) The run could wait till later. Since I figured the boys and I would be trapped inside most of the day I tried to think of some fun projects to do with them. The morning was pretty lazy..the boys played with LEGOS and watched Finding Nemo. Travis has been talking about making homemade macaroni and cheese for lunch the past week so we tried a new recipe from one of his mom's cookbooks Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. The book has a ton of recipes that include simple secrets to get kids eating healthy and good food. For example our macaroni and cheese recipe implemented pureed cauliflower and/or squash. Come noon Travis, Trey and I were all cooking!

The boys had fun helping me measure (and eat) the ingredients. At one point I turned my back to stir the milk/flour mixture and turned around to find Trey devouring our mashed sweet potato. I asked Trey, "So you like sweet potatoes?" He responded with a "NOPE!" and preceded to stuff his face with a huge spoonful.

After melting in the cheese the boys were super excited to dig into our homemade creation. I scooped them each out a bowl and heated up some sweet corn to go with. Unfortunately they each only got a few bites into their mac and cheese before pushing their bowls away. Apparently healthy or what Jessica Seinfeld considers "deceptively delicious" mac and cheese wasn't up to the boys Kraft Mac and Cheese standard. I have to admit the recipe was good, but next time the cauliflower puree would be a better ingredient choice over the sweet potato. The sweet potato made the mac and cheese too sweet and overpowered the cheesiness. Live and learn...

Our second adventure for the day included making homemade play-doh! I can remember making play-doh all the time as a kid! Travis was super excited about it so we made a batch of yellow play-doh while Trey napped. The recipe was really simple: Flour, Cream of Tartar, Salt, Vegetable Oil, and Food Coloring.

Travis helped me stir the mixture on the stove, but as soon as the play-doh started to thicken decided that I should stir because "I'm older and know how to stir heavy things like play-doh." crack me up. Anyways the play-doh was a hit and we ended up playing with it the rest of the afternoon.

The boys were exhausted by 4:00 pm. While I made a batch of oatmeal zucchini cookies for an afternoon snack the boys played with the electric train and watched animal planet. They turned out super tasty and moist!

Overall Wednesday shaped up to be a fun and adventurous day in the nanny world. I've had a lot of fun thinking up experiments and activities for a three year old and six year old....Friday is supposed to be nice so hopefully we can get outside and go for a bike ride!

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