Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Zucchini Day

I decided to dedicate my Tuesday to ZUCCHINIS! Seeing that I went to the farmer's market Saturday and loaded up on 3 huge zucchinis I knew that I would need to get some serious baking done. I started off the morning by mixing up two different zucchini breads. One recipe called for the usual sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, flour, etc. But I decided to try a new one that implemented plain yogurt, oil, and blueberries! Both of the breads turned out good, but I would vote that the Joy of Baking recipe turned out more fluffy and sweet.

After baking I had to pick up Travis from summer school. We ventured to the McFarland Library to stock up on books and movies. I've been spending a lot of time at the library this summer...seeing that I finally have time to read! According to Travis the library is really cool because, "they rent out LEGO movies!!!" I'm sure you can guess what movie the boys chose to watch while I prepared lunch. I decided to whip them up some personal cheese pizzas on pita pockets! The recipe was simple as pie: Whole Wheat Pita, left over Prego, shredded mozzarella cheese. The pizzas took about 15 minutes to bake @ 350.

I can't help but love eating outside when the weather permits. While the boys munched on their pizzas I took a peek at my family's box gardens and found lots of jalapenos! Look how pretty they are! I think there will be some major salsa making to be done in the next week or so.

After nannying I came home and set out for a run! I've been trying to run either early in the mornings or around dinner time depending on my schedule. Last night I decided to take it easy with a 3.5 mile route. After a good stretch and cool down I helped my mom grill up some veggies. I ran back out to our garden to see if there was anything new to pick and unfortunately found a couple of pathetic looking beets. The beets were too small to even cook so I decided to try something new...I cut off the stems and beet greens to eat. I put them in the pressure cooker with my rice. Turns out they are super flavorful and good for you!

My dad was kind enough to clean up dinner so my mom and I went on a late walk since it was so nice out. Overall, Tuesday turned out to be a full of 10:00 pm I was exhausted and in bed. As for today's adventures I am currently watching Finding Nemo with my good buddy Trey.

Apparently this is one of his favorite movies seeing that every time Dory pops up on the screen he sings, "Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming!" I'm hoping to make it to Concerts on the Square tonight, but the forecast isn't looking too promising. Cross your fingers that the weather clears up by 5:00 pm!

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