Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day!

Happy May Day!!

Seeing as it is my birthday and "May Day" I felt it was essential to drop in and say hello! First of all I must admit that 24 hasn't been all too spectacular. Yes it is another year of being 'older and wiser,' but honestly a gentleman asked me if I was 19 at work today. Apparently I'm not looking all too older....haha. Anywho....I was fortunate enough to be scheduled as the AM Bartender at work today (first day alone!) and overall had a smooth and easy going shift. I've been learning that bartending is just another aspect of the restaurant world that I have had yet to endeavor and after two training shifts I have become more comfortable with the flow and organization of it! Since I only worked until 5 pm, Kyler and I decided to venture out for dinner for my birthday! Ann Arbor has some spectacular restaurants and venues to check out, but we decided to go back to on of our favorites....The Earle! The atmosphere is low key, dark, and always comprises of a live pianist or band. Overall the evening was very relaxing..just how I wanted to spend my birthday after a long weekend at home!

This past weekend Kyler and I drove back to Madison to celebrate both of our birthdays and Nina/Brad DeVault's wedding! We ended up seeing a ton of great friends and visiting with our families most of the weekend. I had forgotten how long it had been since I had seen some of my classmates from high school. Good memories were relived and lots of dancing occurred! Unfortunately I am unable to post any pictures from the wedding or most of the weekend because I lost my camera :( I think it fell out of my jacket pocket after leaving the wedding Saturday night. So..long story short I lost a lot of great pictures and will be having to invest in a new camera ASAP!

Today I had the day off from Arbor Brewing Co. I spent this morning catching up on sleep, then tutored, worked out, grocery shopped, and tutored again! At this point I'm kinda beat and have decided to hit up hulu to catch up on Grey's Anatomy. Who would have thought I would still be watching this crazy show a bazillion seasons later!!  Hope everyone has a great night and is having a chance to enjoy the warm weather! :)

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